PIW Group, LLC is looking to increase its sales and bring in growth. PIW Group, LLC needs a new website and the implementation of marketing strategies to increase its brand exposure and an increase in revenue.


Our main goal for PIW Group, LLC is to increase its revenue by generating leads while implementing brand positioning strategies and maintaining a strategic presence on the internet through marketing and advertising tactics, utilizing advanced technology available on the internet.


To achieve our primary goal, we will focus on analysis, paid strategic advertising, design, SEO strategies, and creativity to attract traffic to your business, while raising awareness about your brand across all channels and increasing revenue.



We will focus on creating your branding throughout the Internet by implementing several strategies that will work as a symphonic orchestra.

Your company’s branding will focus on your competitive advantage and the benefits of doing business with your company. We will accomplish this by providing a strategic and clear message that is consistent throughout all channels and will help lead your business to more sales.

Integrated marketing communications strategies and tactics will be implemented as we develop your branding.


We will perform market research online, a plan, implement, and evaluate strategies for advertising purposes, reflecting the right branding and image for your company with the final purpose to produce and generate leads. Therefore increasing your sales.


Some of the tactics to be implemented will be the creation of two killing website designs, the main website for your branding and image, and a landing page. We will implement graphic design and optimized content; images and creative content; the set up and integration of Google apps and advertising platforms for publications, traffic tracking, and analysis; the creation of attractive optimized content for your websites, Google apps, and other media outlets; and the creation of social media profiles.