Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Is to provide high quality of service. Starting from each ingredient’s quality to the art of each creation, leaving an unforgettable experience among your guests with each bite they indulge. This is our ultimate goal.

What Do We Offer?

We offer custom made menus and creative ethnic fusions. Diversified delicatessens that will leave your guests wanting more!

All our food is prepared and cooked on-site for guaranteed quality and freshness.

Chef Oscar Cortés provides consulting, culinary arts classes & therapeutic culinary arts sessions; training in food and kitchen safety preparation and procedures services in the U.S. and abroad. Chef Cortés delivers evaluation services of the hazards that could affect food processing, storage held by the facility. He helps Identify and implement preventive controls to significantly minimize or prevent the occurrence of such hazards. All procedures are based on U.S. food safety regulations for hotels, restaurants and resorts in order to comply with the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) requirements and the Preventive Standards Under the Food Safety Modernization Act passed in 2011.

Cortés Catering provides the Traiteur (catering) service, not just food in a bulk like a restaurateur.

But what is the difference between Traiteur (Caterer) and a restaurateur?

What do these terms even mean?

We are more than happy to explain it:

Traiteur / Caterer vs. Restaurateur with “Catering” Service

Traiteur (Caterer): It is one who carries the whole dinning experience to the comfort of your home or venue. The traiteur prepares food with detail, elegance and high quality ingredients in an artistic way, but also sets up the whole event for you, from the event planning phase including decoration and reservation of tables, chairs, center pieces preparations and linens to the end of your event. So you can just seat, greet your guests and enjoy!  

"During Ancien Régimee, traiteurs formed a corporation, specializing in weddings, feasts and banquets. They also had the right to hire cutlery, crockery and table linen. The profession of the traiteur was at that time considered more honorable than that of innkeeper or rôtisseur. The traiteur was the predecessor of the restaurateur or restaurant, the difference was that customers were not able to eat on his premises."

 A caterer's kitchen is very different from that of the restaurateur or restaurant. There are special methods that we use and take very seriously to ensure you receive the best quality foods, it's not just "heat and serve".

Restaurateur with “Catering” Service

Unfortunately, the restaurateur or restaurants now a days, provide what they call “catering” service, however, they don’t bring the whole dining experience to your event and sets it up for you. Therefore, they are misusing the real meaning and term of a Caterer or a Traiteur.

 For some, the choice is clear... to lend your event to the hands of a specialist, a Traiteur (Caterer) or your local restaurant who offers food in bulk.



All of our waiting and culinary staff is highly professional with over 30 years of hands-on experience.

Each staff member of Cortés Catering possesses the highest of standards in the service and hospitality industry.

We match our clientele with the appropriate staff member for their event, ensuring that your event flows seamlessly. 

*We are a non-kosher kitchen, but we offer kosher services upon request.